Over 40 years of experience and dynamic all-Italian business management are the distinctive features and driving force behind G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING, a G.I. HOLDING multinational Group company.
One of the core values of G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING is the ability to offer custom solutions for highly specific requirements, especially in large installations; combining consolidated experience of centralized hydronic air-conditioning, process cooling, close control and air treatment, with the advanced technology of its own plants and innovative research and development solutions.
G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING engineers, builds and distributes a complete range of machines dedicated to the specific requirements of individual markets.



G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING is present throughout Europe, Africa, Russia & other CIS Countries, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

In Italy, G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING relies on 30 sales offices and 45 technical support centers, through which it offers comprehensive pre- and after-sales services ranging from customized system design and ideal unit selection to start-up assistance and technical support.

The international market is managed by 4 sales offices located in Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, which support over 70 distributors worldwide.

This way the company faces the everyday challenges of the market with the certainty of supplying specific and reliable solutions to loyal clients who believe in an industrial reality that became as a reference in its segment for the capacity to innovate, to be in line with the market evolutions and sometimes to anticipate them.



An increasingly competitive market finds us always ready for new challenges. For this reason and in order to satisfy the requirements of each Customer, comply with the stricter norms, be ready to take on any technological evolution and in order to make machines on an increasingly human scale, G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING is deeply committed to integrating advanced technologies into customized solutions and quick answers.


TOTAL QUALITY is the philosophy behind everything we do, with constant monitoring of all phases in product life cycle from its development to supply, assembly and service. The whole production process is subject to thorough checks and controls, both in the final and intermediate phases.

Each unit must undergo strict testing, simulating even the most demanding operating conditions at the Customer’s site.

Pressure, temperature, sound level, vibrations: everything is checked to ensure it complies with the set parameters. The Service Network, relying on highly skilled professionals, is available to carry out unit start-up at the customer’s premises to ensure flawless unit function.

Our Quality Mission is to capture expectations, preferences and aversions from the “Customer’s Voice”. Both qualitative and quantitative research is conducted at the beginning of any new product, process, or service design initiative in order to better understand the Customer’s wants and needs.


Green Policy

For G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING cutting-edge technology is synonymous with environmental sustainability. That’s why the Company is committed to developing solutions ensuring maximum climatic comfort with minimal energy consumption and a low environmental impact. By continuously researching and developing new technologies, G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING offers a wide range of air conditioning products with A Class energy efficiency and high SEER/ESEER/ IPLV/SCOP.

Strategic collaboration



In 2017, G.I. HOLDING Group, to whom G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING belongs, signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the multinational Fujitsu General Limited Group.

Since then, the two companies have been sharing their competencies and operating synergistically to develop new models of commercial air conditioners aimed at the European and global markets.

This collaboration enables the Company to leverage a more widespread international sales network.